Someone who intentionally helps assist with the shift in consciousness.

How to Play

- By being part of a global team of Shifters / Light Guardians.

- By using the website as a potent tool for communicating and collaborating creativity as a team.

 - By creating a variety of consciousness shifting media such as video, audio, images, art, neogonzo-journalism, casual journaling, dream logs, synchronicity reports, poetry, and much more.

 - By participating online through the Live Chat, the Global Team Map, Voice Chat, Shift Teams, Live Broadcasts such as Team Building Hangouts, Dream Class, Paradigm Shift Destiny School, Community Admin Meetings, and other broadcasted events. 

- By joining Shift Teams that suits your style.

- By reading and creating Quest Journals and Conscious Articles to be shared with a global audience for the purpose of collective inspiration, education, and entertainment.

- By intentionally creating and growing a Paradigm Shift Community where you are, which at its core is about regular open-minded discussion and meditation circles. To find the others, build the tribe, activate the community leader / facilitator within you, and help accelerate the shift.

- By acquiring Shift Buttons to use as real world Quest Items and in game tools to help evoke synchronicity, find other Shifters, plant conscious seeds, and build conscious community. 

- By intentionally engaging in acts of Shiftivism: intentional acts of love to help assist with the shift in consciousness. Such as Free Hugs, conscious sign holding, strategically sharing Shift Buttons, and much more. 

- By working towards self improvement, sharing your adventure, helping change the world, gaining new experiences, leveling up, evolving your own story. 

- Helping inspire others along the way to continue to choose to be the change they wish to see as we continue to awaken to our potential within the dream.